We have a whole new product line . . . and it's not stencils! It's STICKY THINGS, and they're for your car. They're manufactured from hi-performance vehicle vinyl, and they will withstand the 
elements for 7 years or more. Many of them are Faketoos designs you already know, plus some new things you haven't seen before. They average from 4.75x4.75 inches to 4.75x6 inches. And, you can buy them one at a time. Check 'em out!


We have overhauled all of our "large" size stencils. They will be a tad smaller, image-wise, and a more manageable size for manufacturing and shipping. (We usually had a lot of blank space on the stencil.) I think you will all find this size a little more usable, and (best part) we are reducing the prices! They will now be just 70 cents each, in multiples of 8 instead of 6.



But don't just take our word for it . . .

 "Received your stencils on Saturday and what a SURPRISE!! They were fantastic. Great graphic designs, all so clear . . . these are the best stencils I have purchased! I will DEFINITELY be using Faketoos all the time now." - Jayleen Famalett, Oakley CA

"Holy Moley FAKETOOS! Thank you for making me AWARE you are on the planet! I AM BLOWN AWAY BY YOUR LOVELY GLITTER TATTOO STENCILS!" - Nancy Kartoon, Phoenix AZ

 "I received your stencils . . . Wow! . . . I was amazed! . . . The medium and large, OMG! I will be using them TODAY and I can't wait!" - Patty Sweetcakes, Newark NJ

The World's Finest Glitter Tattoo Stencils. Period. That's a pretty bold claim. But it's a claim we're more than happy to back up. After searching the US, England, India, China, even Australia, we found that the glitter tattoo stencils out there on the market weren't up to the standards we needed for our own bodyart business. So we decided to make our own. (Click here for our story, and why our stencils are better.) After applying thousands of glitter tattoos using these superior stencils, we decided to share them with you!

And the REALLY good part? Nearly free shipping.

Even though we know we're offering a superior product at a competitive price, we wanted to make it just a little better for you. So we're going to offer you a flat shipping cost of $1, no matter how many stencils you order. (If you're outside the US, the shipping will be slightly more, but will still be much less than any other supplier charges.)

So, what are you waiting for?

Start clicking on the product list on the left, and check out our designs!